This one was excellent. If you liked movies such as Shaun of the Dead and/or Zombieland, this one is right up your aisle. Full of hilariously funny death scenes and lots of horror cliches.

This movie gets a pretty good macho rating with Tucker and Dale being hardworking fellows that know their way around some power tools and a fight. They also manage to rescue the girl.

It is funny that all the things that they did that were manly were kind of rolled into being hillbilly. It is strange to me that people who like to hunt, fish, use power tools are not scene as possitive, self sufficient people, but are rather derogatorily stereotyped as inbred hillbillies. The college kids seemed to represent society and its views that people who have these attributes are uneducated or lower class people because of it.

Enough psycho analyzing this thing. It is a fun movie with a lot of great scenes. I love the one with the tree spurs. Awesome!


Christmas Presents

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Do you know what my wife got me for Christmas this year? I do, because she couldn’t wait to tell me. She was just so excited. She got me tea… From Teavana…

Now I am not knocking Teavana. Their tea is delicious, but in what world would you get that gift for a man. She was excited because the tea comes in balls that turn into flowers or some girly crap that I really could care less about.

I could maybe understand this if I was a big tea drinker. Like British and in need of my afternoon tea on a daily basis big. But, I drink hot tea once every couple of months, maybe. And then it is usually at work or at an Asian restuarant. I won’t bring up the tea pot and warmer that she bought to prepare the tea in. She could of at least got me the one with the cool dragons on it.

To be fair, my wife isn’t exactly a good gift giver anyway. She tends to be thinking about gifts at some random point in time and she watches you do something like walk by and get a free tea sample in the mall and thinks, “that is it.” I mean, I am a man, if they are giving away food or drink, I am most likely the person they are giving it to. But don’t assume that because I get a tea sample that it is the most secret desire in my heart to get a bunch of overpriced tea.

For women looking for gifts for men, a good bet is anything that requires electricity to work. There are exceptions but as a rule if you need electicity for a gift to be used, guys generally like it. Major exceptions are appliances and/or furniture.

Hall Pass

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I watched Hall Pass the other night and while it was pretty funny, it really emasculated men.  The concept behind the movie is that two guys can’t get their minds off sex so their wive’s give them a week off of marriage to do whatever they want.  The premise being that the guys won’t be able to take full advantage of it anyway and making them more appreciative (read here as slaves) to their emasculating wives. 

First thing, the man, had he taken advantage of his week off in the way that he intend, he would have never have lived it down.   Second thing, he would have never have forgiven himself. 

Yes, fair reader, being a masculine man does not mean infadelity or having frat boy mentality.  I am a firm believer that what men really want is respect and to feel as if they are taking care of/protecting their family.  The shining white knight is the pinnacle that the true macho man wishes to achieve.  He was battle scarred, rough and tumble, a true provider, and yet he was still noble and virtuous.

While the main character was somewhat virtuous, the wife used this against him in order to emasculate him.  The point of the exercise was to show him that she is his only option.  The secondary character even begs his unfaithful wife to never bring up the week again and he will treat her like a princess and do everything that she wants.   This was hands down a movie glorifying women controlling men and men not only accepting it, but begging for it because they are completely inept on their own. 

Movie has a as in singular boob shot but this is more than offset by male full frontal.

Are you getting those clean?

The wife is a stay at home mom.  I work a 40 hour week.  The kids are school age.  I come home and the house is a mess.  WTF.  Apparently it is hard work being a stay at home mom.  I won’t argue with that, things have to be done and doing them is hard.  The problem is that things aren’t being done.  Why?  Because she is waiting on me to get home from work to do them with her.  I am sorry,  I didn’t spend 8 hours at work to come home and cook dinner for someone that has been home all day.  Worse, is that she knows people in the baby boomer generation that reinforces this crap.  “Oh, my husband does all the cooking and laundry in our household.”  Fact is, I lost respect for that guy when I heard that.  I mean maybe if cooking is his hobby or passion or something, but not just because his stay at home wife wants it. 

In the 8 hours I am at work, you can at least do 2 hours of house work.  At least.  It is okay to ask for my help every once in a while, but don’t expect me to do your job, stay at home mom!


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In this blog, I hope to shed some light on the growing problem of the emasculated man. I plan to fight back against feminism and tell men that it is okay to be a man.