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Are you getting those clean?

The wife is a stay at home mom.  I work a 40 hour week.  The kids are school age.  I come home and the house is a mess.  WTF.  Apparently it is hard work being a stay at home mom.  I won’t argue with that, things have to be done and doing them is hard.  The problem is that things aren’t being done.  Why?  Because she is waiting on me to get home from work to do them with her.  I am sorry,  I didn’t spend 8 hours at work to come home and cook dinner for someone that has been home all day.  Worse, is that she knows people in the baby boomer generation that reinforces this crap.  “Oh, my husband does all the cooking and laundry in our household.”  Fact is, I lost respect for that guy when I heard that.  I mean maybe if cooking is his hobby or passion or something, but not just because his stay at home wife wants it. 

In the 8 hours I am at work, you can at least do 2 hours of house work.  At least.  It is okay to ask for my help every once in a while, but don’t expect me to do your job, stay at home mom!