In this blog, I hope to shed some light on the growing problem of the emasculated man. I plan to fight back against feminism and tell men that it is okay to be a man.  I will talk about manly stuff and the assault on that stuff.  I will relate stories from my relationship or those around me that demonstrate the current trend in emasculation. 

Women, feel free to join in on the conversation.  I could care less if you disagree.  In fact, I am pretty aclimitized to women making me feel like my opinion isn’t valid.  I am tired of it and I am making my stand.  Some (probably more that will admit it) will agree with what I say.  To these women, I say, make your voices heard by commenting. 

My overall goal in this post is not to tear down women, but to celebrate masculinity and machismo.  Our women have us whipped and it is time to let them know that we are fine with being men.


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