Hall Pass

Posted: December 19, 2011 in movie review

I watched Hall Pass the other night and while it was pretty funny, it really emasculated men.  The concept behind the movie is that two guys can’t get their minds off sex so their wive’s give them a week off of marriage to do whatever they want.  The premise being that the guys won’t be able to take full advantage of it anyway and making them more appreciative (read here as slaves) to their emasculating wives. 

First thing, the man, had he taken advantage of his week off in the way that he intend, he would have never have lived it down.   Second thing, he would have never have forgiven himself. 

Yes, fair reader, being a masculine man does not mean infadelity or having frat boy mentality.  I am a firm believer that what men really want is respect and to feel as if they are taking care of/protecting their family.  The shining white knight is the pinnacle that the true macho man wishes to achieve.  He was battle scarred, rough and tumble, a true provider, and yet he was still noble and virtuous.

While the main character was somewhat virtuous, the wife used this against him in order to emasculate him.  The point of the exercise was to show him that she is his only option.  The secondary character even begs his unfaithful wife to never bring up the week again and he will treat her like a princess and do everything that she wants.   This was hands down a movie glorifying women controlling men and men not only accepting it, but begging for it because they are completely inept on their own. 

Movie has a as in singular boob shot but this is more than offset by male full frontal.


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