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This one was excellent. If you liked movies such as Shaun of the Dead and/or Zombieland, this one is right up your aisle. Full of hilariously funny death scenes and lots of horror cliches.

This movie gets a pretty good macho rating with Tucker and Dale being hardworking fellows that know their way around some power tools and a fight. They also manage to rescue the girl.

It is funny that all the things that they did that were manly were kind of rolled into being hillbilly. It is strange to me that people who like to hunt, fish, use power tools are not scene as possitive, self sufficient people, but are rather derogatorily stereotyped as inbred hillbillies. The college kids seemed to represent society and its views that people who have these attributes are uneducated or lower class people because of it.

Enough psycho analyzing this thing. It is a fun movie with a lot of great scenes. I love the one with the tree spurs. Awesome!